Electronics Projects For BE and ME

Graphical Pixel Display Simulation on Linux

This C++ Base software core written to simulation graphical display simulation. Any font we can display on this simulation add some best animation to display the messages

MATLAB Application for Encrypt and Decrypt Text Data in Images

In This Project I designed One GUI Interface (Application) on MATLAB for Hiding Data In image and Then This Encrypted Image Add as Watermark into another image. Also, you retrieve data from that encrypted image Using Other GUI Interface (Application). Main Advantage of this Project Is u can send this encrypted Image One PC to Another PC using Serial port throw wired or Wireless Connection and Receiving This Encrypted Images Only GUI app can able decrypt it for other It Is only simple Image.

    Security System for Home using Raspberry PI and Telegram – Internet of Things

    This system is designed for home security, to have spy on who is coming at your door step and who ringing your door bell, on such event you will be notified by image message on telegram messaging application, on that message you can allow access to come in house or not on your text reply on telegram application. You can also get status anytime on one command. this very useful system when your outside home and somebody at that time only coming at the home.

      GSM Base Notice Board Using AVR

      This is designed to display notices in office and college, From any mobile we can send the text message to this system.

      GSM and GPS Base Location Tracking System

      Currently almost of the public having an own vehicle, theft is happening on parking and sometimes driving insecurity places. The safe of vehicles is extremely essential for public vehicles. Vehicle tracking and locking system installed in the vehicle, to track the place and locking engine motor. The place of the vehicle identified using Global Positioning system (GPS) and Global system mobile communication (GSM). These systems constantly watch a moving Vehicle and report the status on demand. When the theft identified, the responsible person sends SMS to the microcontroller, then microcontroller issue the control signals to stop the engine motor. Authorized person need to send the password to controller to restart the vehicle and open the door. This is more secured and reliable.

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      • Arduino
      • Micro-controllers( AVR, PIC, 8051)
      • ESP 8266, ESP 32
      • ARM (ARM7, Cortex M3)
      • Raspberry PI
      • Intel Galileo
      • Beaglebone Black
      • Internet Of Things
      • Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi
      • iPhone Siri/Homekit
      • Automation using Telegram
      • Eagle PCB design

      Computer and  IT

      • Java/Android/SQL database applications

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