Project Topics

Electronics Project Topics


  1. Control and monitor devices over internet.
  2. Health monitor system over internet.
  3. Smart agriculture management using Internet.
  4. Industrial production monitor and control over internet.

 Raspberry PI

  1. GUI based motor and lights control
  2. Control and monitor things over Internet


  1. SMS based home Appliance control
  2. Firefighting Robot based on GSM
  3. GSM Controlled wireless robot
  4. Patient monitoring System with GSM
  5. Toll tax system on smart card and GSM
  6. GSM based 10 templates messaging
  7. SMS based antitheft system for vehicles
  8. GSM based scrolling message display system


  1. Robotics for Environment Monitoring
  2. The Remote control of mobile robot based on embedded technology
  3. GSM Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot
  4. Fire Fighting Robot: Fire Detection and Action
  5. Spy Robot: Wireless Video Camera Mounted on it
  6. Line Follower Robot
  7. Obstacle detection Robot using Ultrasonic Sensors
  8. Smoke and gas detection robot with wireless control
  9. Metal detector Robot
  10. Development of Autonomous robotics Wheel chair controller using Embedded System
  11. 4 wire resistive touch screen controlled Robot
  12. Touch Screen Robot by using ZigBee Technology
  13. RF based Remote Controlled Robot


  1. ZigBee based weather monitoring Systems
  2. A Forest Fire Monitoring System based ZigBee wireless Sensor Network
  3. Wireless measurement and control system for environmental parameters in green house.
  4. Industrial Automation using ZigBee module
  5. Smart Home using ZigBee
  6. Wireless Food ordering system using ZigBee
  7. XBee Wireless Sensor Networks for Heart Rate Monitoring in Sport Training
  8. Real time Paddy Crop Field monitoring using ZigBee network
  9. Digital control of home lighting system with ZigBee communication
  10. A reliable transmission protocol for ZigBee based wireless patient monitoring
  11. A wireless surveillance and safety system for mine workers based on ZigBee
  12. The Study for Application of ZigBee Location Tracing Monitoring System for ATM Device Theft.
  13. Wireless sensor nodes to detect hazardous gas pipeline leakage
  14. Wireless security Control system & sensor network for Smoke and fire detection
  15. Wireless hand held ordering terminal using ZigBee
  16. Wireless Data Encryption and Decryption for Secured Communication using ZigBee
  17. Parking Management System Using ZigBee Paper
  18. wireless application of drip irrigation automation by moisture sensors


  1. Bluetooth based Security enabled powered devices control system
  2. Stepper Motor controlling using Bluetooth
  3. Bluetooth based industrial data acquisition system
  4. Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot
  5. Bluetooth based security enabled powered device control system
  6. Exploiting Bluetooth on Android mobile devices for home security application
  7. Blue Navigator (controlling navigating Robot using Bluetooth)
  8. Bluetooth based Data Logger for Industrial Automation
  9. Bluetooth based College notice board using LCD
  10. Bluetooth based wireless device Control System
  11. Bluetooth based smart phone remote control for home Automation
  12. Bluetooth Home Automation through PC
  13. Intelligent Fire Monitoring using Bluetooth Technology
  14. Remote Weather Station design using Bluetooth


  1. RFID based Toll tax system
  2. RFID based Electronic passport system
  3. RFID based attendance system
  4. RFID based ticketing for public transport system
  5. RFID based mobile payment System
  6. RFID based security entrance system
  7. Elegant library management system using RFID
  8. E-Cash Payoff for fuel station
  9. RFID based hazardous waste management platform Establishment
  10. RFID based ration System
  11. Railway reservation
  12. Voting machine based on smart card.
  13. Electronic Library Management System
  14. Electronic passport RFID based identification


  1. Mat lab based RF controlled Robot
  2. Mat lab based RF controlled robot with wireless camera, auto light and obstacle sensor
  3. Stenographic encryption and Wireless Image transmission
  4. Detection and Classification of Plant Leaf Diseases Using Image Processing
  5. MATLAB GUI controlled Home/Industrial Automation
  6. Heart beat signal monitoring on PC using MATLAB


  1. Talking Touch Home Appliances
  2. Micro-controller and ZigBee based wireless chat/communication system with Touch screen keyboard.
  3. Touch screen based home automation with door controlling
  4. Touch screen based advanced menu display and Ordering System for Restaurants
  5. Touch screen and ZigBee based library automation using RFID
  6. Touch screen based wheel chair control system
  7. Touch screen based Nurse/attendant calling system for physically impaired
  8. Touch screen controlled lamp dimmer for next generation apartments
  9. Touch screen based temperature monitoring and control system with graphical LCD


  1. Ultrasonic Target Estimation Using Sonar Technology
  2. Ultrasonic Target Range Estimation and Obstacle Detection Robot
  3. Vehicle Anti-collision using Ultrasonic signals