Moving Message Display Boards

LED Display Board

Led display board are commonly use by shop for advertising product and offers.Also its used by Schools, colleges and universities as notice boards.We provide total customized display board as requirements.

Display Video:

Display Features:

  1. Support of Marathi and English fonts.
  2. FIX Scrolling message display.
  3. FIX message display.
  4. Using text message also you can update the message.
  5. Update any message on display using android app as well your computer.
  6. Time and date Display Board.
  7. Support of android and windows application to update Message
  8. Schedule your message display as per real time and date.
  9. WIFI enable product

Display Applications:

  1. Fix message
  2. Scrolling message
  3. Notice boards at school
  4. Digital Clock
  5. Token number display
  6. Head count
  7. Toll tax

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